A Specialised Approach to Girls Basketball.

Why is it that boys basketball gets all the attention? Every Camp, every Academy and every Club has such a huge focus on boys basketball, that we believe it's time to give the girls somewhere and something to call their own. Girls Basketball Australia is dedicated to creating a basketball learning experience like no other, which is specialised and programmed for GIRLS ONLY.


Building Skills from the Ground Up.

We understand that girls and boys learn, develop and grow differently, that is why every program we run is structured the way girls learn best. Each program is periodised from week to week to ensure fundamentals are built upon progressively. This ensures every player learns every skill-set, and no-one is limited to a single position. Whether you're tall, small, or somewhere in between, we will teach you the skills to flourish anywhere on the court.


For the Love of the Game.

The reason why we play Basketball is because it is FUN. Here at Girls Basketball Australia, we believe in keeping the fun in training while still working hard. The more fun you have training, the more you will want to train, and the more you train, the better you will be. It's that simple, and we love it.