Our Mission

Girls Basketball Australia was created to help give girls the same opportunity as boys in the basketball world. We understand that there are contrasting sociological factors that create differences in the rate at which boys and girls improve their game. Here at Girls Basketball Australia, we put an emphasis on high intensity ball handling, shooting technique backed by the latest biomechanical principles, and individual body movements and skills, all of which are just some of things we strive to teach throughout the programs. We believe that the best environment to learn is one that is challenging, fun and judgement free, something we strive to achieve every session. This coupled with some of the best pre-habilitation and warm-up protocols in the world taught by Core Advantage, allows us to deliver a program that is set to help every girl flourish.


The Team

Nathan Geer
Head Coach & Co-Founder
Bsc Sports Coaching (Science)

Nathan believes in providing a safe and motivating environment where athletes can enhance their individual skills, team concepts, and develop a deeper love for the game. 
Nathan's basketball experience includes playing 7 years of Junior Representative basketball, winning a National Junior Classic and Victorian Championship, and having coached at the Representative level for the last 9 years. 


Peter Kotaridis
Business Development & Co-Founder
Bsc Exercise and Sport Science (Exercise Physiology)

Known for his fun loving attitude and energy, Peter has been known to get the best out of his players while still making sure they have fun. His programs have a large emphasis on the 80/20 rule - "20% of the things you do yield 80% of the results."  and involve skill development through foot work and ball handling. Peter is also a highly regarded Strength & Conditioning Coach who has worked with NBA, NCAA, WNBL and SEABL athletes. This enables him to teach pre-habilitation principles and movement drills to all his athletes.


Core Advantage
High Performance Strength and Conditioning

Girls Basketball Australia is proud to partner with Core Advantage, the premier Strength & Conditioning facility in Melbourne, to teach all our athletes high performance warm up routines and pre-habilitation techniques honed by the Core Advantage team since 1999. The Core Advantage athletic development model is second to none. Blending cutting edge sports science with over fifteen years of hands-on experience, they enable athletes to truly maximise their potential. Great athletes from a range of sports have entrusted them with their development. Their clients and alumni include a multitude of Olympians as well as many athletes playing sport in the U.S. college system.